InTheBeginning.org strives to achieve excellence in biblical studies. Many studies are technical in nature. However, it is hoped that some will choose to learn the biblical languages. It has been eloquently stated: "The Greek New Testament is the New Testament; all else is translation" (A. T. Robertson). The same may be said of the Hebrew Scriptures.

The studies' content may be viewed as a teaching aid by example, a platform from which further personal study may spring. The studies are not an end unto themselves, but a beginning toward understanding biblical literary analysis.

For those interested, I am not affiliated with any organization or church denomination. Hence, I am not bound by any organization's doctrinal statement or creed. A maxim I follow is this: if I do not understand the biblical author, then it is because my theological paradigm is erroneous, and not because the biblical writers did not write plainly and state exactly what they meant. And a second, never read a commentary, but read and read again the inspired writing until understood. These two basic guiding principles have over the years cleared up the so-called "hard to understand passages."

In case you would like to see what I look like, I am pictured below, posing for a picture before a friend and I rode on a cool October day in 2012. The touring bicycle is a Tout Terrain Panamericana with 26 inch wheels. When I am not diagramming, you can find me touring the countryside.

My claim to fame is being captured on film by a GoogleMap's trolling vehicle in the area where I was riding on September 2011 between 8626-8538 Prospect Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. I am not hard to see, for I am the lone bicyclist wearing the neon yellow jersey.

Since purchasing the bicycle from Peter White Cycles in early 2009, I have ridden this particular bicycle over 8,000 miles. While I ride, I like to memorize portions of the Greek New Testament as part of my preparation for study and structural diagramming.

William Ramey
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