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Animated Greek Alphabet Tutorial

Choose an alphabetical letter from the list at the bottom of this page that you wish to see animatedly written. Each Greek letter is first introduced with its spelling in all Greek capital letters. This will aid the beginning student to see and quickly to learn the Greek capital letters. The Greek capital letter is next drawn, then its corresponding small letter. It should be observed that the Greek alphabetical name is spelled with a capital letter in the upper left-hand corner and with a small letter in the upper right-hand corner.

Animation will repeat until another Greek letter is chosen from the list or if one of the blue navigation arrows is clicked. As an aid in pronouncing the Greek letter correctly, "sound like" syllables are provided below the base line. Click on the red speaker to hear the instructor pronounce the alphabetical character twice. Ready to begin? Let's do it!

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NTGreek In Session: Animated Greek Alphabet Tutorial
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