NTGreek Lessons > Lesson 0: Introduction to NTGreek In Session

0.0  Introduction, 0-1
0.1  Phonemic System, 0-1
0.2  Greek Font, 0-3
0.3  Course Deployment, 0.5
0.4  Course Numerical Structure, 0-5
0.5  Contact The Author, 0-5
0.6  Preferred Internet Browser, 0-6
0.7  Notification Service, 0-6
0.8  Donations, 0-6

A few preliminary comments are necessary about the course before beginning the Greek Lessons. This short introductory lesson describes the phonemic system, the SPIonic Greek font, course deployment, and course numerical structured used. Further information is also included about how to contact the author, the preferred Internet browser, how to subscribe to the Notification Service, and the reason to donate to the development of NTGreek In Session.


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