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11.0  Introduction, 11-1
11.1  First and Second Declension Noun Rules, 11-2
11.2  Comprehensive Declension-Paradigm, 11-11
11.3  Declension-Paradigm Flow Charts, 11-17
11.4  Article Paradigm Review, 11-20
11.5  Review of Technical Terms, 11-21
11.6  Vocabulary Review, 11-26
Study Guide, 11-32

Charts for the Greek morphological system are a helpful method to distill a quantity of technical information into an easier digestible visual representation. Nonetheless, support information is required to understand fully an illustration and its constituent parts, which was furnished with their respective lessons. However, this information was spread throughout five lessons and some salient points of morphology might have been overlooked. Therefore, the purpose of this lesson is to condense and refine the essential information by the formulation of rules required to understand first and second declension nouns, and summarize fundamental morphology concerning these declensions. Furthermore, six of eight noun rules are presented in this lesson. The last two rules pertain to third declension nouns, and therefore reserved until these nouns are studied. At the conclusion of the lesson, a study guide integrates the principles presented in this lesson.


Click on the above link to download Lesson 11. Additional study aids for Lesson 11 may be viewed and/or downloaded (see below).

Study Aids

The Study Guide Answer Key for Lesson 11 will be helpful to prepare you for the Comprehensive Examination which covers the material presented from Lessons Six through Ten. All PDF links open in a new window.

redsquare Study Guide Answer Key [studyguideanswerkey.pdf] Instruction
This is the answer key for the lesson's Study Guide. It is important to answer all of the lesson's exercises before consulting the answer key. SA 11:1-14
redsquare Comprehensive Examination [examination.pdf] Examination
This closed-book examination tests comprehension of material presented in Lessons Six through Ten. A two-hour time limit is suggested for taking this examination. The examination includes testing over vocabulary, article paradigm, article concord, grammatical concord, lexical form, translation, accents, declension-paradigm notation, and parsing of specific nouns. The examination also includes multiple choice and true or false questions to test general knowledge. SA pagination is not associated with this examination.
redsquare Comprehensive Examination Answer Key [examinationanswerkey.pdf] Instruction
This is the answer key for the Comprehensive Examination. It is important to attempt to answer all of the examination questions to the best of your ability before consulting the answer key.
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