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13.0  Introduction, 13-1
13.1  General Introduction to Pronouns, 13-2
13.2  NTGreek Personal Pronouns, 13-6
13.3  Enclitic and Proclitic Accents, 13-21
13.4  Vocabulary Study, 13-28
Study Guide, 13-29

Personal pronouns are introduced after adjectives because Greek third person pronouns (i.e., “he”, “she”, “it”, and “they”) are declined similar to three-terminal adjectives (§12.26.22). However, various slight irregularities and differences do occur, particularly in the neuter. Twelve MP3 audio files are used in conjunction with this lesson. At the conclusion of the lesson, a study guide tests over the material presented in the lesson.


Click on the above link to download Lesson 13. Additional study aids for Lesson 13 may be viewed and/or downloaded (see below).

Study Aids

The following individual study aids are designed to reinforce the material presented in Lesson Thirteen by making new material familiar, and familiar things new. An answer key is provided where necessary. The different levels represent an escalating level of difficulty. It is recommended to begin with the least difficult exercises under Level One and proceed through Level Three to receive maximum benefit from these resources. All PDF links open in a new window.

redsquare Study Guide Answer Key [studyguideanswerkey.pdf] Instruction
This is the answer key for the lesson's Study Guide. It is important to answer all of the lesson's exercises before consulting the answer key. SA 13:1-6
redsquare Vocabulary Study [Audio PDF] Work Sheets
You may practice writing the twelve new vocabulary words from Lesson Thirteen on these pages. SA 13:7-8
redsquare Vocabulary Match [vocabularymatch.pdf] Worksheets
Select from a list of English words that correctly corresponds (or matches) with the Greek vocabulary word. SA 13:9-12
redsquare Vocabulary Accent [vocabularyaccent.pdf] Exercise
The exercise includes fifteen multiple choice questions. Select the proper accent for the vocabulary from Lesson Thirteen. The last four questions involve understanding proclitic and enclitic accents. SA 13:13-18
redsquare Correct Person and Case [personandcase.pdf] Instruction
Select the same person and case pronoun or pronouns in the right-hand column that matches the key pronoun in the left-hand column. More than one correct answer or none is possible. SA 13:19-20
redsquare Grammatical Concord [grammaticalconcord.pdf] Exercise
Fill in the appropriate article that corresponds to the inflected word. Nouns and adjectives from this lesson and previous lessons are included. SA 13:21-22
redsquare Substantives and EIMI [substantivesandeimi.pdf] Exercise
Choose the correct form of EIMI in the right-hand column that properly corresponds in person and number of the key substantive phrase in the left-hand column. Nouns, adjectives, and pronouns are utilized in this exercise. SA 13:23-24
redsquare Lexical Form [lexicalform.pdf] Exercise
Give the correct accented lexical form (including genitive singular and article) and declension-paradigm notation (if required) for the inflected words in this exercise. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and the verb EIMI are used for this exercise. SA 13:25-26
redsquare Read and Translate [readandtranslate.pdf] Exercise
Give the correct translation in the right-hand column that correctly corresponds to the key phrase in the left-hand column. Nouns, adjectives, and pronouns are used in this exercise. SA 13:27-28
redsquare Personal Pronoun Paradigms [pronounparadigms.pdf] Exercise
Fill in all the forms (first, second, and third persons, both singular and plural forms) of the personal pronouns. SA 13:29-32
redsquare Grammatical Parsing [grammaticalparsing.pdf] Exercise
The student is to parse twenty inflected forms, including the verb EIMI, adjectives, the article, and personal pronouns. SA 13:33-34
redsquare Let's Read Greek! [letsreadgreek.pdf] Exercise
Several verses from the NTGreek Scriptures are read for the student by the instructor. John 9:40-41 contains all editorial marks of punctuation, all breathings, illustrations of all the different kinds of accent, and examples of proclitics and enclitics. For instructional purposes, the reading cadence is slowed down. SA 13:35-36
redsquare Quiz [levelthreequiz.pdf] Test
This comprehensive multiple choice quiz tests over material covered in Lesson Thirteen. This is a closed-book quiz. SA 13:37-44
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