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6.0  Introduction, 6-1
6.1  Inflectional System, 6-2
6.2  Case System, 6-12
6.3  The Article, 6-23
6.4  Declension-Paradigm Abbreviations, 6-29
6.5  Grammatical Parsing, 6-30
6.6  Learning Vocabulary, 6-33
6.7  Vocabulary Study, 6-35
Study Guide, 6-22

Lesson Six begins a multi-part series exploring the Greek inflected nominal system. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns and pronominal adjectives share inflectional characteristics and patterns, and so constitute the nominal system. It is ABSOLUTELY essential to gain a thorough familiarity with the full range of nominal morphological forms to be proficient in NTGreek. Forty MP3 audio files span this lesson as a help to pronounce consistently Greek vowels, consonants and words. At the conclusion of the lesson, a Study Guide integrates the principles presented in the lesson.


Click on the above link to download Lesson 6. Additional study aids for Lesson 6 may be viewed and/or downloaded (see below).

Study Aids

The following individual study aids are designed to reinforce the material presented in Lesson Six by making new material familiar, and familiar things new. An answer key is provided where necessary. The different levels represent an escalating level of difficulty. It is recommended to begin with the least difficult exercises under Level One and proceed through Level Three to receive maximum benefit from these resources. All PDF links open in a new window.

redsquare Study Guide Answer Key [studyguideanswerkey.pdf] Instruction
This is the answer key for the lesson's Study Guide. It is important to answer all of the lesson's exercises before consulting the answer key. SA 6:1-7
redsquare Vocabulary Flash Cards [vocabularyflashcards.pdf] Instruction
Every vocabulary card needs to contain essential information concerning a word's lexical form. This article gives several possible alternative arrangements for organizing this information concerning nouns. SA 6:9-12
redsquare Vocabulary Practice [vocabularypractice.pdf] Work Sheets
Space is provided to practice writing vocabulary words. The MP3 audio accompanying each word may be used for on-line viewing to hear the vocabulary word pronounced by the instructor. The foundational step in learning vocabulary words is saying, hearing and writing them! SA 6:13-14
redsquare Vocabulary Paradigms [vocabularyparadigms.pdf] Instruction
All the vocabulary words for Lesson Six are declined. Although not needed to indicate case, the article is included with their respective inflected nouns. The paradigms are arranged in alphabetical order. All paradigms belong to the declension-paradigm n-2a. SA 6:15-24.
redsquare Lesson Six Vocabulary Study [Audio HTML] On-line Exercise
This HTML exercise is a collection of vocabulary flash cards presented in various ways with each method escalating in difficulty. Each set of vocabulary flash cards within the collection contain an automated answer key. SA pagination is not associated with this on-line exercise that opens in a new window.
redsquare Missing Vowels [missingvowels.pdf] Exercise
Missing vowel(s) in words from Lesson Six's vocabulary are to be filled in the blanks. All of the proper accents and breathings are included. Links to MP3 audio vocabulary files are also provided. A knowledge of accents and breathing marks are not necessary. A working knowledge of the lesson's vocabulary is mandatory. SA 6:25-26
redsquare Proclitic Dictation [procliticdictation.pdf] Exercise
Twenty different combinations of the masculine nominative singular and plural forms of the article are used in combination of this lesson's vocabulary in this exercise. SA 6:27-28
redsquare Correct Inflected Noun [correctnoun.pdf] Exercise
The correct inflected noun or nouns that match the Greek article in the left-hand column are selected. Both small and capital letters are used. SA 6:29-32
redsquare Correct Article [correctarticle.pdf] Exercise
The correct article or articles that match the declension of the Greek noun in the left-hand column are selected. SA 6:33-34
redsquare Read and Translate 1 [readandtranslate1.pdf] Instruction
Further instruction how to properly translate different Greek cases may be needed as they interrelate with one another. Thirty-seven examples of Greek phrases are cited in the left-hand column with their corresponding translation in the right-hand column. SA 6:35-36
redsquare English to Greek [englishtogreek.pdf] Exercise
One should only attempt this exercise after finishing the above exercise (Read and Translate). In this exercise, the correct Greek word or words that match the English translation are selected. SA 6:37-38
redsquare Quiz [levelonequiz.pdf] Exercise
The quiz is divided into three parts and strategically focuses on general principles related to the Greek inflectional system. Memorization of the Greek article's paradigm is necessary to take this quiz. SA 6:39-44
redsquare Transliteration of Greek Words [transliteration.pdf] Exercise
A number of Greek nouns in vocabulary study of Lesson Six have been merely transliterated into English. Some of these transliterations may be more difficult to recognize, like “theology” or “anthropology”. The object of this exercise is to transliterate these nouns from Greek into English and recognize at least one English word that was derived from the Greek word. SA 6:45-46
redsquare Cross Word Puzzle [crosswordpuzzle.pdf] Exercise
Technical terms from Lesson Six were used to construct this puzzle. Twenty-two clues help to solve the puzzle. This puzzle was designed with help from Discovery School. SA 6:47-48
redsquare Vocabulary Definitions [vocabularydefinition.pdf] Exercise
Knowledge of Lesson Six vocabulary is mandatory. The exercise is straightforward and covers all Greek vocabulary contained in the lesson. SA 6:49-50
redsquare Read and Translate 2 [readandtranslate2.pdf] Instruction
Further instruction how to properly translate different Greek cases may be needed as they interrelate with one another and advances on "Read and Translate" under Level One. Thirty-five examples of Greek phrases are cited in the left-hand column with their corresponding translation in the right-hand column. This exercise demonstrates how to translate multiple words when they occur together. Do NOT underestimate the importance of this instruction. SA 6:51-52
redsquare Substitution [substitution.pdf] Exercise
Greek word or words are to be supplied in their proper case for the underlined English word or words in the left-hand column. Twenty short phrases from the NTGreek text are cited in this exercise. SA 6:53-54
redsquare Quiz [leveltwoquiz.pdf] Test
This challenging tri-part quiz consists multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Knowledge of Lesson Six's vocabulary is mandatory for taking this quiz. SA 6:55-62
redsquare Grammatical Parsing [grammaticalparsing.pdf] Exercise
Challenging the student to think grammatically about Greek nouns, thirteen nouns are cited to parse. The format followed was presented in section 6.4 of Lesson Six. The exercise is offered in landscape format because of space considerations. SA 6:63-64
redsquare English-Greek Vocabulary Study [englishgreekvocabulary.pdf] Exercise
Normally, vocabulary lists cite the Greek word with the English translation to be furnished. This exercise is in reverse: the vocabulary list cites the English translation with the expectation of the Greek word to be supplied. SA 6:65-66
redsquare Quiz [levelthreequiz.pdf] Test
This demanding quiz is divided into five parts, including true or false statements, fill-in-the-blank, and grammatical parsing. All important elements of the lesson are included, and a mastery of the lesson's vocabulary and the Greek article are a must! SA 6:67-74
redsquare Comprehensive N-2A Noun List [n-2a.pdf] Instruction
This comprehensive list of second declension masculine nouns belongs in an appendix. However, because they were covered in this lesson, they are included here. This work lists in alphabetical order all four hundred and forty-five uncontracted masculine nouns of the second declension. Noun frequency of occurrence in NTGreek is also included in this study in parenthesis. SA 6:75-84
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