Notification Service

When you purchased your diagrams from the NTGreek In Diagram Series, you are also entitled to receive FREE updates. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to join the voluntary opt-in notification service. You will be notified by email ASAP when collections or diagram sets have been updated. Once you join this service, you may update your email address or unsubscribe at any time. If you choose not to use this service, then you will NOT receive any further email messages from me unless you initiate the contact.

Furthermore, by joining this notification service, you will NEVER receive any advertisements to purchase something. Many voluntary opt-in services are thinly veiled scams to fill up your email box with flyers to buy something and/or sell your email address to associated vendors for profit. I think this tactic is wrong. The sole purpose for this service is to notify you when a new update is available. It is that simple.

This notification service is ONLY for those who have purchased diagrams from the NTGreek In Diagram Series. Choose your purchased collection or diagram set from the drop-down choices. After making your choice, then click the "Go!" button. Please Note!  Those who have purchased either the Master Diagram Collection or Master Diagram Upgrade only need to subscribe to the Master Diagram Collection Notification Service.

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NTGreek In Diagram: Notification Service
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