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Diagramming--An Amazing Visual Tool
When first-year study finishes, how does one advance their knowledge of Greek grammar, syntax, and discourse analysis into an integral whole? A very helpful method is to diagram portions or all of the Greek New Testament! Diagrammed sentences provide an excellent visual picture of sentence structure; that is, how parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, particles, conjunctions, verbs, adverbs, and participles relate grammatically and syntactically to one another.

Sentence diagramming and discourse analysis accurately traces an author's thoughts. The process begins with the main subject and verb of the sentence, with the various dependent clauses and modifiers attached in an orderly manner, visually depicting artfully how every word correspondingly functions together in the overall picture. Diagramming an entire chapter truly furnishes the "big picture" by revealing the author's inherent structural hierarchy.

A productive way to learn Greek is to read and read again the text, and study grammar and syntax while paying close attention to discourse features. Why do some turn to a Greek-English interlinear after investing so much time learning Greek? At first, it may seem easier, but detrimental in the long run, for it short-circuits the learning process how parts of speech interrelate with one another. Diagramming forces an analysis of EVERY WORD and its relationship to ALL its neighboring words in the sentence. This is a time-consuming task, but a captivating one. As an eminent Greek grammarian eloquently stated: "The Greek New Testament is the New Testament; all else is translation" (A.T. Robertson). His one, concise sentiment captures well the spirit why it is so vital to understand the inspired Greek New Testament, and the only way to do that is to understand how the parts of a sentence function together that frames the author's thought.

The New Testament Greek In Diagram Series seeks to help those who may not be diagram savy. All diagram collections and sets feature scholarly prepared, elegantly crafted, and innovative overview diagrams.
Scholarly Prepared Diagrams
The diagrams masterfully unravel complex New Testament Greek sentences by breaking them apart into their basic components. The intricate diagrams represent a visual portrait, a blueprint of sorts, unscrambling every integral part of speech in a non-linear fashion of an inspired author's writing, then skillfully placed on a structural diagram like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.
Elegantly Crafted Diagrams
All diagrams are artfully designed with the Adobe InDesign graphics program and then converted to PDF. PDF documents maintain the layout of the original and may be viewed on any type of computer or mobile devices able to display PDF files, including the Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and OS/2 platforms. All PDF documents are scalable for smaller screens.
Innovative Overview Diagrams
Every diagram set includes printer-friendly pages as well as chapter diagram overviews. The overviews are demonstratively unique in the field of diagramming and exclusively available at NTGreek In Diagram.

So, what is an overview? It is a single-page, comprehensive chapter diagram without any spatial barriers, combining all the chapter's multiple pages into one page. They visually represent the author's structural continuity without the annoyance of physical page breaks and innovatively present the "big picture." Those who teach the Scriptures from the Greek text favor these comprehensive chapter overviews because of the navigational ease between chapters. But more importantly, at the same time syntax and structure are explained by an instructor in conjunction with a LCD projector, students' understanding exponentially increase between the relationships of grammar, syntax, and discourse analysis. Greek diagrams from other sources are presented as fragmentary units, separated from their larger overall structure of the passage--until now!
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