Acts of the Apostles
Acts of the Apostles
Acts of the Apostles (1:1--28:31)
NTGreek In Diagram: Volume 13
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February 3, 2013
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February 3, 2013
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The title, Acts of the Apostles, is found in virtually every ancient manuscript dating back to the Second Century. It was first used by Irenaeus. Suffice to say, its title is only partially accurate, for only Peter (chapters 1-12) and Paul (chapters. 13-28) figure predominantly in Luke's second treatise to Theophilus.

Approximately 18,451 words embrace Luke's work, with his Gospel being longer yet (19,482 words). Luke-Acts comprises approximately 28% of the New Testament writings, much more than that written by either Paul or John. Acts of the Apostles depicts the spread of the Gospel, first to the Jews, and then to the Gentiles. Luke demonstrates that the Gospel is not anti-Semitic, but rather rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures' promise of salvation from sin to both the Jews and the Gentiles.

Luke's genius is how he convinces his readers from his day to the present that things not only happened the way he recorded them, but had to have happened that way. Luke communicates his conviction through narrative. For example, his account of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-42) is an artistic and literary masterpiece, the creation of a connected narrative between the work of God and Jesus' disciples.

Luke's elegant lucid Greek style surpasses the writing skills of other New Testament writers. His scholarly approach to detail with an unusual rich Greek vocabulary excites the reader as he paints before them scene after scene as expressed in the plenitude of genitive absolutes and verbal modifiers. Luke avoids Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin idioms. Anyone who wishes to study Greek at its best, Acts of the Apostles is an excellent choice.

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