Master Diagram Upgrade Collection
Master Diagram Upgrade
Master Diagram Upgrade Collection
NTGreek In Diagram: Volume 1
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May 20, 2017
Greek diagrams with English comments
Downloadable PDF bookmarked document
$59.95 USD

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The Master Diagram Upgrade is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of a do-over. Not many breaks like this come along everyday. Many people realize the value of these diagrams toward their studies in the Greek New Testament. However, they previously purchased one or more diagram sets (or collections) but dislike to lose any of their monetary investment of past purchases. If you find yourself in this same situation, the Master Diagram Upgrade "do-over" is the perfect solution.

The upgrade path reimburses 100% of ALL previously purchase amounts up to the current Master Diagram Collection price. What does this mean for you? You gain all the added membership benefits and loose no revenue. Does this sound too good to be true? Many people have already taken advantage of this win-win offer and have benefited. So, why not you too?

This is how the Master Diagram Upgrade plan works. When you add it to your shopping bag, you are charged the full current price of the Master Diagram Collection of $59.95. After receiving confirmation of your purchase, your previous purchases up to the current Master Diagram Collection's price are refunded 100%. Your refund is generally reimbursed within 24 hours. It is that simple.

Imagine for a moment, the Greek Text structurally laid out before your eyes on paper or screen. These diagrams present the inspired authors' writings as a graphic portrait, a blueprint of sorts, that unravels in a non-linear fashion every part of speech on the diagram like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Just like interlocking puzzle pieces which form a coherent picture, so the individual units of a sentence on a diagram reveal the portrait of the inspired literary piece.

Unlimited access is granted to all currently available AND future diagrams in addition to updates! There are not any subsequent hidden annual "subscription" fees no matter the accumulative cost accrues for the individual diagram sets. You will NEVER pay again for a diagram in the NTGreek In Diagram Series.

All diagrams are accessible in a single bookmarked document. The single document makes navigation incredibly easy. You open one file, and voilà, all the diagrams are available in one document, whether to view or print.

The diagrams are easy to view and navigate irrespective of a page's inherent orientation. Use the mouse's scrolling wheel, the appropriate keyboard arrow keys, and/or the bookmarks to locate quickly a particular location. The bookmark pane appears to the left when the document initially opens. Otherwise, the document opens to your page display default preferences. You may change your display preferences at any time. In addition, the Adobe Select & Zoom toolbar makes changing the magnification of PDF documents a breeze that enhances viewing pleasure.

All verbal forms in the diagrams are color-coded. Finite verbs are in red, participles in blue, and infinitives in purple. Printer-friendly pages and one hundred and eighty-seven chapter diagram overviews are also included with this collection.

Pauline Epistles Collection Romans and Galatians Collection Prison Epistles Collection General Epistles Collection

The Master Diagram Collection also includes the Pauline Epistles, Prison Epistles, General Epistles, Romans and Galatians, as well as the new Luke & Acts Collection.  Every collection includes all diagrams in a single convenient bookmarked PDF document that makes navigation incredibly easy.

If you are a Greek professor or instructor and desire more information about group discounts, please contact me. Several Greek professors and instructors encourage their students to purchase the diagrams and use them as part of the class curriculum.

Screen Shots

The following screen shots are representative pages from the Master Diagram Upgrade. The purchased diagram collection includes all the diagrams. Click on any thumbnail to view its larger image.

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