Epistles of John

Epistles of John
Epistles of John
NTGreek In Diagram: Volume 26
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March 7, 2017
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A great divergence exists between what the apostle John wrote and meant, and what people teach what he wrote and meant. A suppression of apostolic truth had begun even before the turn of the first century . . . and the suppression and blindness continues today in Christendom. John mentions Diotrephes who refused to accept his admonitions and was actually forcing Christians out the assembly (3 John 9, 10). A coup for the hearts of people was under way, and Diotrephes' doctrine is alive and well in the assemblies today. How do we know if we belong to his camp? All one has to espouse is that what the apostle John wrote in these letters cannot possibly be intended what he meant.

The vocabulary and style of Epistles of John are the simplest in biblical Greek. This affords the beginning student an introductory level to Greek reading and diagramming. There is a relative lack of complex sentences and hapax legomena (words occurring only once). For example, First Epistle of John can be read with a limited vocabulary of only two hundred and thirty-four Greek words. Most of these words are basic to introductory Greek grammars.

Third John is the shortest letter in the Greek New Testament with only two hundred and nineteen words. Because some of these words are not common in many people's vocabulary range, this Epistle will be the most difficult to read of the three. Twenty-three words are not found in the Gospel of John or First John, and four are peculiar to Third John.

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